Components sourcing is one of the key elements of Turnkey’s services. Our services include helping customers make components sourcing plans,  purchasing parts, building buffer, and full kitting of production in a short time, additional help existing customers fix material shortages as one of the value-added supplementary services.

Intelligent Sourcing


EASHUB has developed its own intelligent procurement tools based on big data and algorithms to support fast online data retrieval, data comparison, and BOM cost analysis, providing unparalleled services for prototype and trial run products.

Hot Chips Supply

We cooperate with the world’s leading agents and manufacturers to cover the needs of most products. As one of our partners, KAGA also has synergy in supply chain management, this  cannot be achieved by other small and medium-sized EMS companies;

Drop In Replacement

As a company headquartered in the center of the electronics manufacturing supply chain, EASHUB has a cooperative relationship with hundreds of local semiconductor brands. At now, these alternative brands can provide hand-to-mouth supply during the toughest semiconductor supply period.

Hot Manufacture

Replacement Manufacture