Our Factory

Factory resources are the cornerstone for EASHUB to provide customers with diversified and customized solutions. EASHUB’s factories are divided into self-owned, strategic, and partner factories according to different ownerships. In addition to self-built production lines, EASHUB has strategic partnerships with leading global EMS worldwide. Local factory resources that provide valuable service. Besides in-house PCB capacity, we also have long-term partnerships with top PCB plants. These factories are located in China’s major economic area, focus on variant industries, and own unique competencies. On the solid foundation of those resources, Eashub delivers a diversified supply chain solution scenario by deep diving into industry, complexity, market, and cost customer needs.

Eashub Factory – PCB Assembly

Location: Songgang, Shenzhen, China

Certification:          ISO 9001, China Workplace Safety Production

Market Served:      Communication, Industrial, Consumer

Proficient Area:     Low cost, consignment, HVLM, Quick Turn

Site Capabilities:   – 4 SMT lines,  2 DIP Lines,  

                                 – Box Buidling

                                 – PTH, Auto Pin, Wave Solder

                                 –  Conformal Coating,  Burn In

                                 – BGA,  X-Ray, 

                                 – ICT, FCT, AOI

                                 – Test Development

Partner Factory -PCB Assembly

Location: Mianyang, Sichuan, China

Certification:           ISO 9001, China National Workplace Safety                                                 Production

Market Served:        Communication, Industrial, Consumer

Proficient Area:        Low cost, Consignment, High Mixed

Low Volume, Mixed Turnkey

Site Capabilities:      – 21 SMT lines, 10 DIP lines, Box Building

– X-Ray 3D Testing, ICT, FCT, AOI, SPI, RF Testing

– RoHS screening, BGA Rework
Burn-in test for high-end power supply

– Automatic Conformal Coating

– Thermal cycle test, Vibration test.

– Conformal Coating, Potting, PCB router, Underfill

– Test & System Development
– Bar-code tracking system

PCB Factory

Location: Songgang, Shenzhen, China

Certification:           ISO9001, ISO14001

Market Served:       Computing, Consumer, Industrial

Partner Factory - PCB

Location: Shantou, Guangdong, China

Certification:           ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949, UL

Markets Served:      Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Telecom,                                                  Medical, Security, Rigid-Flex,