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Electronic Assembly Solution Hub Technology ( Eashub) Founded in 2011, Eashub is a leading PCB Assembly supply chain solution platform in Asia. Eashub provides one-stop, customized supply chain services to small and medium-sized companies, laboratories, research institutes, and design houses in the industrial, automotive, medical, and aviation industries. We have strategic relationships with component distributors, mechanical shops, and world-leading EMS facilities to provide the best services from material procurement and PCBA manufacturing to box build assembly. Eashub has a world-class team of engineering and manufacturing resources to review customer’s designs, optimize the manufacturing process and finish production within budget and in high quality. We support our customers from the quick-turn prototype and small-batch trial production to mass production.

Different from traditional EMS and supply chain companies, Eashub only focuses on small and middle customers and drives supply chain solutions through internet technology based on Eahub’s capability in supply chain designing, centralized procurement, data algorithms, and assistants small customers fix the challenge of demand, qualification, lead time and quality. In addition to its in-house factory, Eashub cooperates with the world’s top EMS companies and PCB leaders, fully utilizing their hardware and capability on quality and qualifications. Customers, whether big or small, all have the chance to own industry-leading supply chain services.

As the foundation of a leading supply chain service, Eashub not only provides PCB Assembly services but also meets customers’ variant demands on PCB, hot components, and even design solutions. As our supplementary services. Eashub provides a one-stop PCB service for customers on quick turn, high quality, and low-cost PCB manufacturing. Our PCB suppliers have certifications in ISO9001, UL, Rohs, TS16949, TS13485, etc., and can manufacture single, double, multi-layer board, HDI, rigid-flex, and FPC. Major materials are RF4, Rogers, PTFE, TACONIC, Arlon, and halogen-free special plates. The maximum layers can go up to 26 layers. The minimum hole diameter is down to 0.15mm, and the minimum line width is 3mil/(75um). The average manufacturing cycle time is less than one week. Quick turn double-panel PCB can be completed in 24 hours, 4-layer in 48 hours, and 6-8-layer in 72 hours.

Eashub has strategic partnerships with more than 100 component distributors globally. With our centralized procurement and Big Data-driven demand and inventory analysis system support, Eashub has 20000+ items in stock at in-house or partners’ hub. Eashub can have more than 98% of electronic components in stock within 1-2 weeks. Compared to mainstream electronic components e-commerce websites, our components price is at least 20% better. Eashub also has business cooperation with many China suppliers that can offer drop-in replacement with similar performance and better cost.




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One-Stop PCB Assembly Supply Chain Solution

Focus on Small and Middle Customers PCB, PCBA Design and Optimizing

Fix Hot Chips Supply in An Easy Way

20000+ In Stock SKUs
-Big data and Algorithms Driving Best Chips Price
-Strong Full Kitting Capability on Turnkey Products

Industrial Leading Electronics Manufacturing Service

-Comprehensive Manufacturing Capability Including PCB Fabrication, SMT/DIP/Test and Box Building
- End to End Supply Chain Project Management and Strong Capability on Complex Products